F3 FUNctional Fitness Testimonials


“I’ve been training with Dan for about 5 months and am ecstatic with the way I feel and the progress I have made in this short amount of time. I’ve put in the work, of course, but he’s been a great coach and hasn’t made it feel like work. I really look forward to my time in the gym because it’s very focused and the workouts he has planned for me are fun, challenging and are rarely the same. His level of knowledge and expertise makes me feel confident that I am training with someone who really knows his stuff. Even though my main goal has been weight loss, Dan also focuses on things that help improve my mental focus and toughness, balance and overall aging process. I’ve seen drastic improvement not only in my weight, but also balance, agility, speed, cardiovascular endurance and most importantly, confidence! I’m so excited for the new year and to keep achieving my goals.”
— Jill S. (43 Yrs Old)

“I have always kept myself active. However, there was about a three year lapse where I found myself working out only on occasion. I got out of shape real quick. I felt very sluggish all the time. I would talk myself out of going to a gym before I could even pull my workout clothes out of the closet. I was bored. I knew what my workout regimen was going to be. I dreaded joining, yet, another gym. However, I never gave up looking for the right fit. I am beyond thankful that I fell upon F3. F3 involves functional movement exercises into an always enjoyable, yet challenging, fitness circuit. Since I’ve started with F3 I have not had a negative mindset when walking into my closet to pull out my workout clothes. I actually can’t wait until the end of the work day. Dan has something different for us every day. It’s never the same. He makes me want to push myself and exceed my own expectations. I can honestly say that I am continuing to improve my results both in the gym and am picking up right where I left off three years ago in my extracurricular activities. I could not be any more thrilled to have access to such a functional gym and trainer. Thanks, Dan!”— Angie C.

“Dan Finn has been my personal trainer for about a year and a half. Next to feeling really energized and having much improved core strength, the best thing about training with Dan is that I enjoy myself, so it does not feel like a chore. Not only are the sessions fun and engaging, but he demonstrates how much my body can achieve if I just maintain my determination. He has an encouraging and supportive style that gets me through 1 hour sessions 3 times a week, tailored to meet my specific goals. The time goes so quickly I can hardly believe how much I accomplish in just 1 hour. I’m a 67 year old grand mother and had major back surgery a few years ago. I’m happy to say that I now lead a very active life and can give my grand children a run for their money with a hula hoop. Dan has helped me remember that “actually, I can” and it’s wonderful.”— Linda C.

“F3 is a cutting edge training facility, with one of the most knowledgeable and professional trainers I’ve ever met, Daniel Finn. As a professional Mixed Martial Artist and Cage Fighter, I was used to the toughest training. However, since coming to F3, Dan has pushed me into a new level of strength & conditioning, one I don’t feel I have gotten anywhere else in my MMA career. Dan’s top notch functional training techniques combined with high tech, modern equipment at F3 has made my training regime jump from good to extraordinary! Workouts have also been customized for me to maximize functionality in meeting my MMA cage fighting goals. My gains have been incredible, I couldn’t be happier with my training at Finn’s Functional Fitness!”— Patrick D.

“Finns Functional Fitness provides a positive and supportive environment for anyone who wants to improve their fitness level. The exercises incorporate fun with full-body impact. Each exercise engages multiple muscle groups using a unique approach to strength and endurance. The environment is not competitive but supportive with great camaraderie from the others in class. Dan encourages each person to push themselves to improve but at their own pace. The exercises and combinations are never the same two weeks in a row so there is no chance of boredom! Dan is very creative in putting the focus on the exercise so you forget you’re working as hard as you are. The 30-second intervals make each set bearable since it’s only 30 seconds.
“I have a marked improvement in balance, overall strength and endurance. Since increasing my workouts to at least twice a week, I have more energy and sleep better plus have a more positive attitude. I can walk up six flights of stairs without being completely winded.I would highly recommend F3 to anyone who wants to try a non-traditional approach to fitness, see great results and have fun while working hard”— Mary S.

“Dan knows his stuff… Nice variety… Never boring – Great workouts!!!”— Dawn R.